…swirling petals, falling leaves…

The name of the website refers to the old Japanese phrase summing up the transience of things, the “swirling petals, falling leaves.” This presence of place, time and the seasons are huge components of haikus, the diminuitive poems which I love. Unabashedly. So when choosing a title for my writing project, it was only natural to pick something so closely connected to haiku writing.

Why? Because there is so much more there than at first glance. Sometimes it takes many readings for a poem to reveal itself. Sometimes, like a trick of the light, it can be many things at once.

Haikus offer such depth in such a little space. As a visual designer, I know my style is an inch wide and a mile deep. I did not know what my writing style was when I began this project, but I think it fits here too.

So, the notion of swirling petals, falling leaves speaks to me on many levels. One of them being that this is a site devoted to a love story about a girl named after cherry blossoms striving to bring a boy back to the Leaf village.

About A Voice in the Wind…

This little website is a landing pad for my current writing project, “A Voice in the Wind.” It will house all my notes and inspiration for this project, as well as spoiler info!

This Naruto fanfic is practice for some other daunting projects I have ahead of me. I’m enjoy writing it, and I hope you’re enjoying reading it.

In “A Voice in the Wind,” I want to investigate how certain statements can have a different meaning when cast in a different light. I want to turn situations on their head, assign certain characteristics to characters in unconventional ways.

Though technically an alternative universe, I’m trying to write in the same vein as characterizations in the manga, keeping most of the details the same. Dress, personality, etc. will be the same. Timeline and bad guys just can’t be¬†exact, but I’ll try to make it as feasible as possible.

What to watch for:
Some things are assigned directly from the manga.
Some things are a twist on a theme or a scene.
Some things are characterizations yet to be revealed.
Some things are hidden characterizations that will never be revealed within the story. (Why? Because they are just another layer of description that you can read into or not.)
Overarching themes I will be weaving in and out throughout the story
A few color cues for changes in activity/emotional tone.

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