A New Look!

Thought it was time to finally update this little site. As the story grew, it became harder and harder to manage. One of the biggest problems was the theme was no longer supporting the wp upgrades. So hopefully this layout will be a little easier to read, have easier navigation and be easier to keep up with!

I’ve still got to rework the “Stories” section, which will include listing out the chapters and notes in order and adding new stories as well. And I hope to add in some of the elements that have inspired the scenes in the “Art & Inspiration” section. But those will come together in due time. The most important section, the “Latest Updates,” will always be available to check for previews, chapters and notes.

So sad to see the old layout go, but I really liked the look of this one too, and better still, it allows me to easily expand the amount of chapters, notes and new stories I might come up with! Which is a really good thing! Let me know what you think! 🙂